Download the official World Duchenne Awareness Day communication materials, and become part of the international Duchenne community! 

What you can do

  1. Update your profile picture with the official WDAD balloon
  2. Add the social media banners (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) and Instagram post
  3. Share the Press Release with your families, care centers, and local press
  4. Share the Did-You-Knows with 17 facts about Duchenne and Becker MD
    1. Facebook and Twitter (rectangle) format
    2. Instagram (square) format
  5. Share the Duchenne Manifesto
  6. Tag all your activities with #WDAD2021 to share it with the global community!


  1. Did-You-Knows
    1. Arabic (square)
    2. Finnish (rectangle, square)
    3. Greek (rectangle, square)
    4. Hebrew (square)
    5. Polish (rectangle, square)
    6. Russian (rectangle, square)
    7. Spanish (rectangle, square)
    8. Vietnamese (rectangle, square)
  2. WDAD 2021 Theme Announcement: Adult Life & Duchenne
    1. Available in Arabic, Bulgarian, Dutch, Finnish, Greek, Spanish, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian and Vietnamese.
  3. Duchenne Manifesto
    1. Available in Arabic, French, German, and Spanish


  1. English
    1. WDAD Logo in Full Color (link)
    2. WDAD Logo in Negative (link)
  2. Available in Arabic, PortugueseRussianSpanish, and Turkish

If you want to receive a translation of the World Duchenne Awareness Day logo in your language, please send a request.


Did You Knows English
Click on the image to download visuals for World Duchenne Awareness Day


WDAD2021 Profile Picture
WDAD2021 Profile Picture