2019: Nutrition in DMD


On World Duchenne Awareness Day, we not only want to raise awareness among the general public about Duchenne (and Becker) Muscular Dystrophy, but also to raise awareness of a specific subject each year among the Duchenne community. For 2019, this special topic is ‘Nutrition in DMD’.

Not everyone may be aware of the need to pay special attention to nutrition and the intake of fluids. Also, the use of supplements in Duchenne needs attention, as not many people are aware of the risks of taking supplements, especially in combination with other medication. In this video, Dr Erik Henricson explains the importance of nutrition in DMD.


The World Duchenne Organization, together with experts on Duchenne and nutrition, created two pdf’s that contain information considering nutrition and supplements. Click on the icons below to reach the pdf’s. These documents will be updated when needed. 


In this series of videos, Dr Zoe Davidson (advanced accredited practising dietician in Australia) answers the 17 most frequently asked questions about nutrition in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Click here to access the full playlist. 


DMD Pathfinders launched a Nutrition Guide for adults with Duchenne. They were working with health professionals around the world to pull together existing best practices and experiences of adults with DMD into a useful resource. Next to this, the Duchenne Care Videos also contain an episode focusing on gastrointestinal and urinary health.