Illuminate a landmark for World Duchenne Awareness Day. Show your solidarity and join patient organizations in creating a wave of red light around the world. As the evening sets in on September 7, famous monuments and landmarks will be shining bright to show solidarity for the Duchenne and Becker community. Join the global movement and light up a famous landmark or monument for World Duchenne Awareness Day!

The color red

Usually, the color red is used to create the association with World Duchenne Awareness Day. In other cases, the organization was showing the logo and the signature red balloon. Next to many city halls, important landmarks were participating. 

Illuminate a monument or landmark

Which monument or landmark do you want to illuminate for this year’s World Duchenne Awareness Day? Here we are sharing success stories and guidance on how you can make this happen.

5 steps:

  1. Check the city website for procedures (office that is in charge of this activity, documents needed, timing).
  2. As soon as you have the details from your city, contact our team and you will receive all the documents and high-resolution logos needed.
  3. Create a local communication plan to share this important action and our team will help you for the international communication.
  4. Launch your event, enjoy the light and take pictures for your memories and communication!
  5. Post your pictures on your website and social media platforms mentioning @duchenneday or #WDAD2023 to share your experience with the Duchenne community.


  1. The Colosseum in Rome, Italy became the center piece of World Duchenne Awareness Day in Italy due to enlightening the century-old monument with the logo. Duchenne Parent Project Italy did a wonderful job!
  2. The Sagrada Família Nativity façade was illuminated in red for World Duchenne Awareness Day, with great work of Duchenne Spain.
  3. The Canadian part of the Niagara Falls was covered in a red robe to support World Duchenne Awareness Day, thanks to Defeat Duchenne Canada.
  4. In Chile, the municipality building in Santiago was illuminated in red as both DSG Duchenne and Duchenne Chile joined hands to reach out to the city mayor.