Here the official World Duchenne Awareness Day materials will be shared. Download everything you need to raise awareness for people living with Duchenne and Becker muscular dystrophy.

Materials for World Duchenne Awareness Day 2024 will be published soon!

The WDAD Style Guide includes the do’s and don’ts of the World Duchenne Awareness Day logo and image.

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The 2024 press pack will be published here once available.

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There are three fact sheets developed with information about Duchenne and Becker MD, and females with dystrophinopathies.

Download the family factsheets.
→ Duchenne MD
→ Becker MD
→ Females with dystrophinopathies

🇪🇸 Ficha Familiar en español
→ DM de Duchenne
→ DM de Becker
→ Mujeres con distrifinopatías

Social Media

Soon you will find below the social media banners and a visuals for WDAD 2023 to share your support for World Duchenne Awareness Day. 


Raise global awareness by adding World Duchenne Awareness Day social media banners to your profile.


Show your solidarity and post the visual saying you support World Duchenne Awareness Day on social media. 


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The red balloon is the symbol of WDAD. Upload your profile picture with the red balloon. 

Tip: Add the name of the person with Duchenne or Becker Muscular Dystrophy to whom you would like to dedicate this balloon.


The World Duchenne Awareness Day manifesto shares the mission, vision and purpose of this global awareness raising day on September 7.

Activities & Events

There are many things you can do to spread awareness before and during World Duchenne Awareness Day on September 7. We listed some tips below, but feel free to create your own ideas! 

Share the official materials

Share the official World Duchenne Awareness Day 2024 materials and join the global movement.

→ Info Pack (available soon)

Show your solidarity by donating 

Support the activities of the World Duchenne Organization to make a difference to Duchenne families.

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Get involved in social media

Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Tag your posts with #WDAD2024 to increase reach.

→ Follow @duchenneday on Twitter

Illuminate landmarks 

Illuminate a monument or iconic landmark to raise awareness to the general public. 

→ Read how to illuminate a landmark

Stay connected

Join the global Duchenne community by connecting with @duchenneday and @worldduchenne on social media. Tag posts about your event, conference, or other awareness raising activity with #WDAD2024 to increase reach!