Shyam has a passion for animals, especially pets. He loves dogs, cats, pups, kittens and of course birds. Shyam cannot pass by without hugging a cute kitten which crosses his way. Well, he says, it is not the kittens and puppies alone that fascinate him, but it is in general the animal kingdom. He feels they have equal rights to live in this world and must be honoured for what they are. They should never be hurt or left uncared. They haves lives too like us …says Shayam. Moving from the pets he goes on to the ferocious wild jungle inhabitants too. He says the tigers are nothing less than our best friends. It is as important as our best friends in the school or neighborhood. It is so alarming that they are dwindling in number and there is no one to pause for a moment to think about them. The majestic white tigers of the Sunderbans in India are a pride to the country itself. They are too less in number too. They are hardly visible these days. Shyam very emotionally touching his heart asks us … do you know why this is happening? The reason is quite simple. It is because of the scarcity of trees and forests which is due to deforestation and scarcity of water bodies. It is our duty to take care of these loving animals. The more love we show them, the more attracted they are towards us. So let us start loving animals. Please do not kill animals, they are close to my heart and soon make them your friends and they will be close to your heart too.

As all other boys, I love to play and jump and be a tom boy, though not much these days as my activities are restricted, but the moment I see my friends over the fence or with a cricket bat, I intend to pick up one start my play. It is all the confidence that the people around me have given till today. Without pets or animals my only company and passion is playing outdoors. I wish each day is a Sunday and I can be happy playing all day with my friends and cherish those memories all my life. I just love what I am doing…. Friends always be happy and do something that you like to make your self happy …. This is the bottomline of Shyam sunder’s heart. Most of the time, Shyam is with his grand mother who best takes care of him and so he includes her as one of his best friends. The picture shows Shyam with his grand mom.