The video BRING YOUR LIGHT FOR THE WORLD DUCHENNE AWARENESS DAY comes from the spontaneity of the children, from the power of emotions. We asked the children to enter a dark room, follow a path of lights and reach a box to open and  see what would happen.

The opening of the box brought a beautiful light and suddenly a balloon, symbol of this world day, flew upwards.

Some children screamed with joy, others danced with the balloon, others played, others turned their surprised eyes to the sky, others to the person next to them and with whom they shared this experience. A smile appeared on each of them.

The smile that comes from the light that everyone possesses and can give to others: boundless love is the light of a family member, commitment is the light of a volunteer, attention is the light of the experts who take care of children and the boys with Duchenne and seeking a cure, presence is the light of a friend, altruism is the light of a donor. Everyone can bring their own light to celebrate this day, to join this important cause and make a smile present on thousands of faces.

We are working on the video in different languages. Please contact Nicoletta Madia to have the video translated to your language.

Technical information: 
The video is produced by World Duchenne Organization. All rights reserved. 
Director: Nicoletta Madia 
Director of photography: Marco Fiata 
Cameraman: Mirco De Vito
Editing: Paolo Veronesi 

A special thank you to the children of Parent Project Spain who participated in the video