I am Jezreel Govender. I am 13 years old. I live with my mom, dad and my sister, Alenora in Phoenix, South Africa. I was diagnosed with Duchenne’s Muscular Dystrophy at the age of 7 and started using a wheelchair when I was 10 years old. I am of the Christian faith and believe in miracles. I have two dogs that I love dearly. My house is my haven and I feel free to use my motorised wheelchair sometimes like a racing track. I love all of God’s creation from the mountains to the oceans, sun, moon, stars, planets, animals and the list goes on. If I could change anything in the world, it would be for everybody in the world to love one another and live in harmony. If I could invite any three people to dinner would be Lorraine my aunt who has died, loved her food, Paul Walker because he was too fast and furious and my sister who is my friend. My favourite experience is when my family and I spent a long week-end at the Springbok Lodge. We bonded with nature and enjoyed seeing all the different animals, from cheetahs, to lions, elephants, buffaloes and zebras and not forgetting my favourite gemsbuck (large antelope). An experience I will never forget. My most treasured memories are of the ones when I was walking and doing things by myself. Apart from breakfast, lunch and supper and the nibbles in between, most of my day is spent, watching television mainly National Geographic and Animal Planet. I read and love bible studies. Drawing is my passion. I am very creative with building blocks. Time is set aside for sister and brother bonding, playing board games and chatting. On a daily basis my mom does my physiotherapy before retiring to bed. My mom is my most favourite person to have around. My day is a success when Jesus gives me the strength to live another day. My dream is to walk again.