No passer by can miss to smile back at Vignesh who is a very cheerful boy. He goes to school and is in his 9th grade now. Vignesh visits the rehab centre every week and says he loves to miss school and be with us for a change. He feels being with us is a very positive moment and it energizes him a lot during the rehab sessions. Amidst all this, Vignesh has his own ways of pass time where he feels really elated. He shared one of his family outings with us. It was to a hilltop family deity temple which he cherished. The drive on the winding roads, the loverly sceneries and the company of his family was so amazing that he cannot forget it he says. It is not because of the beauty of the hill top temple alone, but visiting the temple gives him a sense of joy he added. Especially a trip filled with fun activities and his little brother who kept entertaining him all the way made it even more interesting. Well, he can’t keep travelling always, he has his own ways of entertainment. Carrom and chess keeps him occupied and is most sought after he stated. He said he would love to grow up into a mechanical engineer and invent lot of mechanical items which will be pollution free and not consuming electricity much. His intention is to enter college first and then come out with flying colours as an engineering graduate. He reads a lot and loves to solve puzzles. He says his room is full of books and most of them would focus on puzzles and games. Vignesh has a very positive attitude towards life. He tries his hands on cooking too at times. He loves to be on it for long hours serving his family with delicious items made of mushroom as he loves cooking on mushrooms. Vignesh has invited the rehab centre team home to taste his culinary expertise. Looking forward to meet him at his home.