Subash is a very enthusiastic boy. He simply says his world is his friends. They are everything for him. Well, it was vast for us to comprehend. When we asked him what he means? He aptly put it across saying whatever we comprehend would be right, because his friends are his everything for him. His live, his love, his soul, his heart, his body … everything is his friends. Subash was very keen on mentioning the names of his most beloved friends. He insisted that we make a mention of them, so here we go with the names…. Aravind, Shanmugam, Naveen, Selva vignesh, Madan, Sudhesh, Vijay, Sanjay, Santhosh and many more. They are in the same class in school as Subash and also his neighbors. Each friend of his is so precious to Subash that he has never felt left out at any point of time. He always felt they were there surrounding him and ready to share his activities, his difficulties, his sorrow, or whatever. They cannot even imagine Subash being depressed or lonely, so they take every step to ensure Subash is comfortable at various stages of his life, be it the school or home or outdoor.

Insipte of being immobile, his friends were ready to share the responsibility of taking him to an amusement park where he was really thrilled to see his friends play. They said, even if Subash cannot play, let us not deprive him from being present at an amusement part. Subash recalls this as a very memorable moment. Another amazing moment was his birthday, it was a surprise bday celebration that was organized for Subash in 2014. It was the greatest, most joyful celebration he had ever had in his life time. It brought him tears of joy to see how much his little friends had done to cheer him up on his birthday he added.

There is nothing which has tried without his friends in the vicinity. He is blessed with a wonderful and loving family. Yet he and his mother state that, the importance that he gives his friends to invaluable and they deserve it. There is nothing he has ever enjoyed doing without his friends. They are by his side while studying, at school, at home, at play, when in bed and much more.

The songs are more melodious and the tunes are more vibrant and games are more enthusiastic and interesting when I am in the company of my friends he says. There is no movie, as far as he remembers which he would have watched without his friends. The thrill in watching a movie with his friends is much more than what it is to see it alone.

Subash says hats off to all my loving friends who are everything for me in life. I love my family, but I love my friends much more. I am so fortunate to have such a wonderful bunch of boys with me ever ready to help me in all my tasks. Thank you God is what Subash says.