Hi my name is Harry Halpin and I am 4 years old. I live in Formby, England with my mummy, daddy and sister Grace. My family are very important to me. I love seeing my grandparents as often as possible. My Nana has a vegetable patch. I enjoy planting the seeds, watering them and watching them grow.  I also bake bread with my nana and love eating the crust when it is warm. My Granddad has kept all my daddy’s old toys and I spend hours playing with tractors and cars. He always takes us out to my favourite restaurant for pizza too. 

My favourite place is being in the swimming pool. I love going underwater and feeling the freedom to move around. My legs don’t feel as stiff and my body is easier to move around. I hope one day I can swim and will learn to be a deep sea diver. 

I am also starting school this September this will be a big change for me but I know I will be learning lots of new skills and will have a great time making new friends.