Ravi loves cars more than anything in the world. He says, he loves to talk, think and even dream about cars. His favorite games are car racing which he plays on the computer especially racing games such as Es racing, air force and army tank. His ambition is to work in a car manufacturing factory. Jaguar, Ferrari and Lamborghini are his shortlisted firms in which he would like to work when he grows big. His hobbies are learning about vehicles and drawing cars, trucks and bullet trains. He has learnt almost everything related to cars and always keeps himself updated about cars, bikes and bullet train. Ravi’s world of cars is very fast and vast. He keeps reading and watching so much about cars that very often he embarks on something fascinating about cars. More interesting story about Ravi is that, he always carries a toy car with him wherever he goes. It is not surprising to find a car if you dig into his pocket. Apart from cars, Ravi keeps himself busy with very challenging television channels are discovery, nat geo and food factory. He said, his world of interests does not end with cars and TV programs, but here is so much more. On interrogation, we found he has a flare to read and taste delicacies from various parts of the world. Nevertheless, his favorite foods are mushroom biriyani, and the world famous Indian mangoes. Ravi comments that no child can end the list without chocolates and so does Ravi.

Ravi loves being with his family members too. His family is a small sweet family he says, accompanied by his parents and a brother. He loves going out with his family and he makes sure he spends the weekends with his parents. Sometimes, he likes to watch movies with his family too. His favorite subjects are science (to read and learn all about machines and how they work) and English. Ravi’s dream is to turn into an automobile engineer and design the best of cars which are most unique with never thought before techniques. It was very interesting to hear that he used to go to watch children swim though he cannot. With lot of positive attitudes and thrill, he said, though I don’t swim I love to watch other kids swim and splash water with butterfly strokes soaring high up in the air. Ravi has so many stories to share. He is sportive at heart and loves to share a lot of things. He shares every event that he came across in school or at home. Sometimes, he entertains us with little anecdotes and stories from far and wide. We love being with Ravi and he says he loves being with us too.