Hello, we are the Murphy family. We live in a small village on the north coast of Spain. Ronan is the eldest and has Duchenne, while his younger brother is 12 and is called Aritz. Ronan and Aritz fight all the time but they are also best friends and miss each other when one is not at home.

Ronan hates to write anything, including (especially) his homework for school. He is also sports mad and loves watching all kinds of sports live or on television, but his favourite is football. He follows the Spanish league and his favourite team is Athletic de Bilbao. If Athletic are not playing he likes to support either Barcelona or Manchester. The first thing he does each morning is check the latest football updates on the news. Only the football news is important in Ronans world. He plays hockey at the weekends but they still don’t have enough players to be able to form a proper team and to practice. He would love to take part in a proper competition.

Apart from sports Ronan is also a great cinema fan, but only of recent films, as ‘old’ films from the 1990s or 80’s can be very boring and he never believes anyone when they tell him to watch ‘old’ films. He usually likes them though.

The week of summer camp is one of Ronans favourite times of the year. The national association, ASEM, organises a summer camp in Catalunya where he gets together with other boys of the same age and they can all behave badly together.

Ronan loves to go on holiday and visit new places, but always worries about what the next place is going to be like, if there are going to be accessible bathrooms or restaurants.

He wants to have a chair which can go very fast and which has all the accessories imaginable.