Cormac loves being active – he’s forever pretending to be flying a plane or driving a car all at top speed. Cormac is also incredibly observant and from a very young age has has a fascination with extractor fans, fire alarms and any kind of sensor; automatic doors give Cormac more pleasure than you’d think possible! This makes Cormac’s inquisitive mind a real challenge not just for us parents but his teachers. When Cormac left nursery it was remarked that his teachers had to read up on electrical engineering, ventilation systems etc just to answer his questions about how things worked and the inevitable follow up question of “why?”

Cormac’s fascination has probably stemmed from his acute hearing or at least is observation of sounds. An almost imperceivable hum will pique Cormac’s interest and he will relentlessly seek out the source of the noise and why it’s being made. He has on many occasions confused restaurant staff by pointing out their own ventilation system and the number of smoke detectors.

Cormac has a great future as an engineer or comic in front of him – we’re not 100% sure of which yet.