The Covid-19 pandemic is having a strong impact on the life of every single individual and family, modifying our time and habits. It changed our daily life globally but it cannot delete our projects and our voice.

We as Duchenne Community know very well what it means to live in moments of isolation, to face emergencies, to adapt our daily lives to clinical care. We know the meaning of specific words like ‘fear’, ‘pain’, ‘distance’ but at the same time we are trying to turn ‘fear’ into ‘hope’, ‘pain’ into ‘resilience’ and ‘distance’ into ‘closeness’.

For this reason, we have decided to share an important message globally linked to the general awareness of WDAD2020, a message that many people have experienced and are still experiencing this year: together we are stronger.

We can be stronger only together during a global pandemic. But we can be stronger together every day even when the emergency will finish. Because our cause will still be there, our engagement will still be there and we need every single person to be involved.

So, let’s raise our voice and work on the general awareness of WDAD2020. With our strength and creativity, let’s make a difference! What can we do? Let’s start in 5 simple steps! 

1. Promote the new WDAD2020 video

The promo video last year was very useful to raise awareness of WDAD. We are working on the creation of a new one that will bring the message “Together we are stronger” with realistic moments lived by our families.

The video will be launched on August 24 and will be translated in several languages. Nicoletta Madia is sharing the text to be translated and is in charge on the creation and dissemination of this video. For info, do not hesitate to contact her by writing at [email protected].

2. Illuminate your cities

Contact your local institutions to illuminate your monuments in red! This action is very simple to share the message in a simple way. If you need some examples on how to ask for this please have a look at How to light up a monument in your city or contact us.

3. Contact your local media

Together with the promo video, a press kit will be available soon so you can contact your local media to promote WDAD2020.

4. Promote digital action

Create a digital action for WDAD2020 to raise awareness of the day involving a large audience. Some ideas? You can organize a web press conference, live streaming presenting WDAD on your social media, or local fundraising digital activities.

We will be happy to share your photos and information about the activities you organise for WDAD2020. Please, tag your social media efforts with #WDAD2020 or send your materials to our coordinators Nicoletta Madia and Suzie-Ann Bakker at [email protected].

5. Digital balloons

The red balloon is still a symbol of WDAD2020. But is important, due to the respect of the environment, to release virtual balloons. For this reason, we will ask to all the communities of the world to post the red balloon on a specific time on September 7: this will be a global digital launch!

For questions and ideas regarding the general awareness of WDAD2020, please contact Nicoletta Madia at [email protected] and Suzie-Ann Bakker at [email protected]

We really count on you to make OUR day a GREAT day!